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Learn how to leverage today’s technology to increase parent engagement to 90%.

Analytics for Parent Engagement

Analytics are integral to schools when tracking parent engagement. School Rush! was built to provide an effective platform by displaying the data collected so that its easily available on our dashboard.

  • Number of App Downloads & Families Engaged
  • Number of Alerts Processed
  • Number of times a message has been viewed
  • Number of messages posted in the App by the Staff

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Emergency Communication at Schools

Whether it is lock downs or weather related emergencies or routine bus delays, it is important School administrators are able to instantly and effectively communicate with parents.

  • Communicating quickly, efficiently VIA multiple channels
  • Targeting communications and teachers lounge
  • Analytics and call logs
  • One app for all communication needs

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Building an Engaged Parent Community as School

School Rush! has been recognized as one of the most innovative School Community Communication tools by District Administration Magazine

  • Mobile entry point
  • Native communication systems
  • Ease of connection with student and staff directories
  • Keep parents up to date with activity feeds and daily planners

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See what School Rush! can do for your school.

SchoolRush organizes all communications between the school, teachers and parents in an intuitive mobile and cloud based App.